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Our one-of-a-kind treatment!

APEX-10™ is a powerful bio-stimulant and soil amendment in one. This is a one-of-a-kind peat extract made from 10,000 year old active and complex naturally occurring materials.... More

Soil Testing

In some cases properties can have unique challenges and may not respond the way we want or expect them to. Additionally, clients may want a higher level of service. In these cases we recommend a soil test.... More

Warm Season Grass Challenges

Having a beautiful, lush lawn is our desired goal in the Weed Man Vienna area.  BUT warm season grasses have become an increasing problem.  These unwanted turf varieties are infesting the preferred fescue lawns with varieties that include:  Dallis Grass, Chain Grass, Goose Grass, Couch Grass, Devil Grass, Wire Grass, Dog Tooth Grass and Bermuda grass. These funny sounding invasive grasses attract pests, turn brown with the first frost, and make an ugly contrast with green turf.

... More

Watering Tips for New Seed

Watering Tips for new Seed. Find out how new seed watering is different from establsihed lawns. ... More

Watering Tips for Established Lawns-Deep and Infrequent

Watering Tips for Established Lawns-Deep and Infrequent. Find out exactley how to water an established lawn. ... More

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