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Soil Testing

Soil Testing

At Weed Man Vienna, VA, we are well versed in what the Northern Virginia area turf and soils need for success. Our programs are designed to use the best quality products to deliver excellent results.

In some cases properties can have unique challenges and may not respond the way we want or expect them to. Additionally, clients may want a higher level of service. In these cases we recommend a soil test.

What is a soil test?

A soil test is the process of chemically removing elements from your soil and measuring the content within the sample. It consists of obtaining a soil sample, sending it to a lab, and receiving a detailed analysis of its makeup.

What do they measure?

A soil test detects pH and nutrient levels, and pinpoints nutrient deficiencies. Phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, and calcium are some of the major nutrients tested in your soil, as well as the Cation Exchange Capacity.

What do we do with the soil test results:

The results of soil testing allow you to make the correct adjustments to your lawn care to reach the best possible outcome. It allows us to diagnose problem areas and recommend additional applications to bring about better results.

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