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Warm Season Grass Challenges

Northern Virginia lies in a transitional climate zone, that is a cross between the north and the south. We like to have beautiful fescue lawns while the south like Bermuda. We are stuck in the middle. In recent years warmer temperatures and reduced tree canopy from construction have made conditions favorable for warm season turf in our area.   


Due to its extensive root system, Bermuda grass is very difficult to control or even eradicate completely from a lawn where it has been growing vigorously.  The underground roots and the above ground runners spread everywhere. These turf varieties become more evident in the heat of summer as they win out over fescues. This is why the lawn looks good in the spring and fall and people wonder what went wrong in the summer.
You can renovate, killing the areas of turf and seeding. Unfortunately, without an irrigation system you will have the problem again when the conditions return.  In the end you have to decide how badly you want the problem to go away.


The most common solution and what we recommend is to live with the warm season grass. Have Weedman control the crabgrass and weeds, continue fertilizing, and annual aeration and seeding. This gives the fescue that you do have the best fighting chance. You will look good in the spring and the fall. With some watering attention from you in the heat of the summer we can at least keep the warm season turf to a minimum annoyance.


Our sister company Blade Runners wrote an article that has some additional details:

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