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Watering Tips for New Seed

Watering Tips for New Seed 

New seed needs daily watering to keep it from drying  out and disrupting  the germination  process.
Once watered in, the seed needs to be kept moist or it will dry out and stop germinating.  The first watering needs to be 15 – 20 minutes to “water the seed in”.  As soon as it is watered in, the seed gets sticky and begins to soften starting the germination process.  To help keep the seed moist it will need to be lightly watered daily 5 – 7 minutes (heavy waterings could water log the seed and stop germination).
If we have hot or windy days (or there is a very sunny area) the seed will need to be lightly watering more often (at least 2 times daily).  Because bare/thin or dead brown spots do not have the advantage of shade from established grass, those areas will also need to be watered more frequently to keep the seed germinating. Remember these are light waterings (5-7 minutes in each area).
Once the seedlings are established ( 1 to 1 ½ inches high) go back to the deep infrequent watering for an established lawn.


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